The first few days of you baby's life fly by. I know that's what everybody says, but I didn't really understand that until I had my first baby. And when I had my second one, that's when I really realized how we have zero power against how fast time passes by. And those newborn tiny details? The flexibility, the cute body hair, the peeling skin, the milk smell, the fuzzy hair... All of that changes in a blink of an eye. And trust me, you will want to remember that. Every single tiny minimal detail of your baby's firsts days in this crazy World.

I am here to tell you that your search is over and I am the one who will deliver all of those perfect little details in a beautiful and creative way so you, your kids and grandkids can look at them forever.

Newborn sessions are best done between the first 5-10 days of birth while baby is still very sleepy, super curly and of course to ensure we capture this newness that is the newborn stage (which doesn’t last very long). Each newborn session is styled to suit each family, whether you like to keep things simple or like to use my beautiful range of newborn props all in neutral colors and takes around 3 hours (The babies are the real boss and we take the session as they go, sometimes it can be faster and sometimes longer) but the session is never rushed! My sessions are very natural with a range of neutral tones. Nothing colorful or too extra.

I only take on a certain amount of bookings per month, so booking in early is ideal to avoid disappointment. You can book it as soon as you have your due date.

Newborn sessions are held in my timeless and cozy studio, located in Frederick, MD.

Contact me for more information! And slide down for some beautiful example pictures.